Weekly Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Its been a good week.

It began in the hospital, recovering and getting to know Logan. On Monday, Lila came to visit and met her little brother for the first time. She is smitten. I wasn't sure how she was going to react as she has been wary of other babies that she's met, but she was immediately enraptured with Logan, wanting to see his hands and feet and deeming him "funny". 

We brought Logan home on Tuesday, and so far he's a pretty dreamy little dude. Sleeps, eats and poops. Really only cries when he's hungry or when he's getting his diaper changed, which he does not like at all (inherited that from his sister, I guess!).

Lila keeps asking for "Baby chair", meaning, put the baby on the couch with her. She loves sitting with him. He is also the first thing she asks about when she wakes in the morning: "Baby?"

Logan's been marginally interested in the pacifier. Not super thrilled though.

His gassy smiles are my favorite.

Lila's "Welcome Home" sign for her brother. Nana helped.

Some more cute Logan pics... just because.

So Logan is a big spitter-upper. Lila hardly ever spit up, so this is new territory for us. He's had lots of costume changes this week. Yesterday I had to give him a bath because he spit up all over himself, including his hair. Gross. But after I washed his hair I gave him a cute faux-hawk. It makes me laugh.

On Thursday we went to Target and then had a family lunch date at Chilis.

Eric went back to work on Friday. We've been doing pretty okay, Lila, Logan and I. We've been on a few walks with the new stroller.

There's been more backyard playtime.

The other day it all of a sudden occurred to me to give Lila a bowl of water to play with in the tub. It kept her occupied for over half an hour - win!

Eric's mom took Lila out on Saturday morning so I was actually able to get a few things done, including shopping for a Father's Day present and doing my Project Life pages from last week.

I've been enjoying pulling out all the baby carriers I used with Lila. I've been wearing Logan during Lila's naps - he usually conks out, too, and then I have two hours to do my own thing!

I was finally able to enjoy one of these!

On Sunday, Eric had to work all day (boo!), so we went for a walk over to Adelphi, the college near us. It was a beautiful day. That night, Lila, Logan and I had dinner with Eric's parents and sister for Father's Day.

Observations from Week 1 of having two kids:

- The toddler is much higher maintenance than the newborn.

- Trying to teach a 2.5 year old the concept of "wait" and "I can't right now" = biggest challenge.

- Nursing covers suck. People are going to be seeing more of my boobs than they did when I nursed Lila because I cannot be bothered with a nursing cover anymore.

- I had forgotten how often newborns poop. Holy crap (heh) its a lot.

- I need a bigger diaper bag.

* * *

No links this week...no time to read the internet!

Hope you all have a great week!