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Here is Logan's second week!

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We've been doing lots of things with you, Logan. It is so fun showing you the world! We had dinner at Nana and Pops' house on Father's Day, you came to music class with me and Lila on Monday and Tuesday was my birthday and we went to lunch by the water on the Nautical Mile. You got very hot and I felt terrible for having you outside in the heat, but after I stripped some of your clothes off and wiped you down with a Boogie wipe, you cooled off a bit. We had your follow-up doctor appointment and we learned that you gained a pound in less than a week at home! You are still spitting up a lot so I've cut back on my dairy intake, but I am trying some block feeding before I do a total dairy elimination in case its just oversupply of milk that is making you sick (this is what the pediatrician suspects). Hopefully once things regulate you'll be more comfortable nursing and won't be spitting up so much. The pediatrician says you are overflowing with milk!

You came with Dad and I on Wednesday to a meeting at Lila's school, and you were so good. You saved pooping all over yourself until the last five minutes of the meeting :) We've been spending a lot of time in the yard, lots of blowing bubbles with Lila and we've been over to Nana's to visit Riley the dog a couple of times. We've also been to Target more than once. You will grow to know Target like a second home :) We went to Eisenhower Park and tried out the stroller and we went to the playground down on Nassau Blvd one morning.  Outings this summer are definitely going to be our thing.

You are still sleeping a lot - usually an hour at a time. Then you'll wake up for some milk and then go back to sleep again. You are starting to stay awake for longer stretches in the morning, but luckily you've been napping a lot in the afternoon while Lila naps, so I get a little bit of down time - thank you for that! Overnight is still kinda rough - you are up every hour or two, but I've started just doing side-lying nursing in bed - we both usually fall asleep during it, so it feels more restful than sitting up and strapping on the nursing pillow and doing that whole rigamarole. I've started jotting down when you sleep to see if I see any patterns emerging, but nothing really obvious is presenting itself yet. That's okay, we'll fall into a routine soon enough.

Lila adores you and you are being a really good sport putting up with her constant kisses and loves. I can't wait until the two of you can play together!

We love you, sweet Logan, and we are so enjoying getting to know you!