Weekly Round-up | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

We are starting to get the hang of this two-kid thing! The key to everyone's sanity continues to be getting out of the house as much as possible. We did quite a lot this week, but for some reason most of my photos of the week were not taken on outings, but around the house instead.

On Monday Lila had music class so I brought Logan along. He was very well behaved again, so I decided to sign Lila up for the summer session... it seems like it will be pretty manageable to bring both kids.

On Tuesday we had lunch at Leo's - Eric wasn't working, so we had a nice family lunch - all four of us! Logan was kind enough to sleep through most of it.

Wednesday I had a meeting at United Healthcare to apply for Logan's health insurance - he came with me and was good as gold! 

Thursday we ran errands in the morning - Old Navy, Buy Buy Baby and then lunch at Panera. After lunch, Lila, Logan and I went over to Eric's cousin's house where he and his dad were doing some work. Lila played with her cousin Lucy and we visited with Eric's aunt, Lorraine.

Friday we went for a long walk around the neighborhood and then went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory for Eric's sister Dana's birthday. Both Lila and Logan were really good, despite being out late.

On Saturday Lila spent the morning with her Nana and I went for a walk and then ran errands with Logan. 

And finally, on Sunday, my friend Kelly and her daughter Lola came over for some hang time in the backyard. 

It was a fun week! And now for the photos that don't really have anything to do with all those fun outings.

Lila naming all of her play food:

She truly is the block master.

Logan in his lounger. I need the grown-up version of this seat.

The front yard at golden hour.

Siblings hanging out on Mom and Dad's bed.


Its hard being two weeks old.

Soaking up the sun in the living room.

Sleepy smirks.

The snuggabunny bouncer chair is proving to be as big a hit with Logan as it was with Lila. 

I pulled out the Lensbaby this week and played around with it a bit. Its tricky, but I love some of the photos I've taken with it. 

I took some Lensbaby shots of Logan, too.

Baby feets.

I took a bunch of photos of Logan one afternoon while Lila was napping. The newborn stage is so fleeting, I wanted some photos to remember it. Logan is already looking so different than he did even a week ago.

Sleeping, mouth open, in the bouncer, looking like his dad.

Lila always sits like this - with the bottoms of her feet together. 

Lila with her most prized possession, Dog. She puts his tail under her nose when she sucks her thumb.

Babywearing in the backyard.

Eric gave Lila some pieces of scrap wood so she could have blocks outside as well.

Lila, tending to the garden.

The water table is just as big a hit as last year.

The roses in our backyard are in bloom.

The petals have fallen all around Tallulah's grave.

Walk with the double stroller.

I love her fashion sense.

Last week's Project Life spread:

Chasing bunnies at Adelphi.

Out for a walk with Logan.

* * *

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* * *

That's it for this week. Stay cool, and have a great week!