Logan - Week 4 | Long Island Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Here is Logan's fourth week!

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4 weeks old! The time is really flying by. You are filling out and no longer look like a scrawny newborn. Your little chicken legs are starting to get some delicious chub! We've been continuing to get out of the house everyday on walks, or to lunch, or to the store. You are such a good sport being dragged everywhere! I left you alone with your dad for the first time this week (only for 2 hours) and you drank your first little bit from a bottle. We will continue working on that skill with you! You are currently nursing every hour or hour and a half around the clock. Growth spurt? Your spit ups have gotten much better... block feeding seems to be doing the trick. You have been getting a bit fussy in the evenings. I am working on figuring out a bedtime routine for you. Its hard to wrap my head around how to do that, though,  when your sister is up until 9:00pm. How do I put you to bed without her burning down the house in the meantime?? A puzzle that needs to be solved. Luckily you are pretty good at sleeping almost anywhere, so naps in your bouncy chair in the living room, or on-the-go in the car seat have been the norm so far. 

On Saturday your Granny and Grampy came for a visit. They were so happy to meet you! 

Happy 4 weeks, Logan!