Weekly Round-up | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Our week started with Logan's 1 month doctor visit. Little buddy is not so little - he currently weighs 11.4 lbs (Lila weighed 11.1 lbs at her TWO month appointment!) and is 22.8 inches long. He is doing great and I am continuing to block feed as that seems to be helping to keep the volume and frequency of spit-ups down.

We met up with my mom and dad on Monday after Logan's doctor appointment and went to lunch and then the park with them. That night they came over for dinner.

On Tuesday we started the day at the Long Beach boardwalk. It was pretty darn hot, but we walked the boardwalk for a while before leaving to get lunch at Burger Fi.


That night we went to Jones Beach to see Lila's music teacher, Darlene Graham, play at the boardwalk bandshell. Like a dummy I didn't bring sweaters for anyone but Logan because I assumed it would be a warm night since the afternoon was so sweltering. It was so windy! Luckily my mom had an extra sweater that she let Lila wear! We had a really good time, though, and I look forward to going back again (Darlene plays every Tuesday night this summer) - only more prepared next time!

The next day we had lunch at Panera and then went to the Queens Farm Museum - a huge working farm right in the borough of Queens. Who knew? There are animals there that you can feed, and they have a farmstand where you can purchase fresh produce. Apparently the Queens Fair is there later in the year and they have an awesome corn maze in the fall.


That night we had both sets of parents over for another BBQ - so many leftovers from last Sunday!

My mom and dad flew home to California on Thursday. Boo! We loved having them here.

On Friday, Lila's babysitter Danielle came over to meet Logan, and then on Saturday, one of my best friends, Tanya, came over to visit. It was great seeing both of them. Tanya and I have been friends for over 15 years now - we are both stage managers and met while working together at San Jose Rep (which recently just announced that it is closing). Tanya was in town to celebrate her 40th birthday (she lives in LA now). I can't believe we are both 40...crazy. We started working together when we were 23!

And now for some random but cute photos taken during our week:

And a few Instagrams from the week...

Lila always checks on Logan the minute she wakes up in the morning.

Someone was being very crabby.

Kiddos hanging out.

Taking the BOB stroller which we inherited out for its first run (with us)... and by run, I mean walk :)

It was an awesome week!

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Have a happy Monday!