Lila - Age 2, Week 35 | Long Island Children's Photographer

You had an awesome week visiting with your Granny and Pea - you kept chanting "Pea, Pea, Pea" every time we got in the car without them. We still couldn't get you to sit and take a photo with them... maybe next visit! It was really fun watching you at Jones Beach on Tuesday night, when we went to see Darlene, your music teacher, play with her band. You went up to the front of the stage all by yourself - we were all so surprised, but very proud at how fearless you were! We also had visits this week from your babysitter, Danielle, and my good friend, Tanya. You showed off big time for Tanya - dancing around Panera like a crazy person :) I took you and Logan out in the double BOB stroller on Sunday and was kind of great - it was fun to see you and your brother side by side in the stroller. Buddies for life, right? Another great week with you, Lila! xoxox