Logan - Week 5 | Long Island Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Here is Logan's fifth week!

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Logan, you had an awesome week with your Granny and Pea - they made sure to get their fill of snuggles from you while they were here! We had lots of family time this week - a BBQ with your dad's cousins and lots of time with Nana and Pops as well. We went to your one month doctor appointment and found out that you are now 11.4 lbs and 22.8 inches long. You weigh more than Lila did at two months! I guess all that nursing is paying off. We dragged you around to more outings this week - we went to Jones Beach to hear Darlene and her band play and we walked the boardwalk at Long Beach on a very hot afternoon. We went and saw some animals at the Queens Farm Museum and ran lots of errands later in the week at our usual places - aka Target, and... Target. Lila's babysitter Danielle came over and met you, and so did my good friend Tanya. Everyone agrees that you are a pretty chill little guy. You have slipped right into our lives so seamlessly. Thanks for being so awesome! We love you, buddy!