Weekly Round-up | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

The sign of a good week is that I have a million photos to share! I bought a new compact camera recently (the Sony RX100iii) to carry around in my diaper bag and it has made it much more convenient to take photos when I am lugging both kids around and all their gear. My Nikon d800 will always be my true love, but the Sony is a really great little camera. Here are a few test shots I took with the Sony:

Pretty good for a point and shoot, right?

So - our week. Lots of outings, summer fun continuing!

Lila recently got a balance bike. She's tried it out in the house, but still has yet to get on it outside. However, she loves wearing the helmet. Of course! Girlfriend loves her hats.

As you can see, Lila recently acquired some of Eric's old toy trucks. She loves them.

Our first tomato of the season!

Lila is very interested in the garden. We have found a lot of picked green tomatoes in the bottom of our raised bed. 

Hanging out on the patio with Logan.

On Monday we went to Rath Park in Franklin Square to see Darlene (Lila's music teacher) play. We met up with Lila's buddies Liam and Juliette and their mom, Yvette.

On Tuesday we went to Liam and Juliette's house for a super fun play date!

Five minutes after we left their house, the sky opened up and we had some crazy thunder, lightning and torrential rain!

On Thursday we went to see Darlene play at Echo Park... I think we can officially call ourselves her groupies :)

Logan helping me make dinner one night.

A walk around the neighborhood, which I will now forever associate with being in labor (I walked around the block minutes before my water broke).

On Friday we went over to the Nassau County Art Museum to walk around their sculpture garden - they have something like 160 acres of grounds, its huge! It was empty over there and we had fun running around the massive lawns.

This week brought Logan's first intentional smiles. He laughs at me and his sister, and also smiles a lot on his play mat.

Some Daddy snuggles.

Two weeks of Project Life spreads!

We went on walks to Adelphi a few times this week. The bunnies have been hiding lately.

On Sunday, Logan was my walk buddy while Lila went out with her Nana. 

He also kept me company while I got some work done. 

Last night, Eric's parents came over for dinner. We grilled outside (I love summer!). Lila was in kind of a crabby mood, but she loved this chair Eric found for her in the garage (the beer is there as a joke!).

And that was our very full week!

* * *

Interesting internet reads this week:

I have got to try making a cold brew coffee. This recipe and the homemade syrups look yummy.

Continuing my interest in summer cocktails, these plum ginger coolers look refreshing.

I love posts about good drugstore beauty finds.

I'm interested in seeing this documentary, especially because I am in the thick of that very experience right now!

I love this post about finding beauty in the ordinary.

Some great iphoneography tips here!

I keep bookmarking popsicle recipes. I have to get around to actually making some!

This is a good idea for inspiring your kids' creativity every morning.

Anyone tried this headache soother?

Tips for hiking with kids. Can't wait until mine are old enough for hikes!

I'm intrigued by this movie.

I haven't tried this app yet, but it looks fun!

I really want to make one of these tunics. In all my spare time. Ha :)

Attention people who use Aperture! I am currently using this free beta software to migrate all my photos to Lightroom and although it is taking a LONG time, it is working, and keeping my folder structure, edits, etc. 

* * *

Wishing you a happy and fun week!