Logan - Week 6 | Long Island Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Here is Logan's sixth week!

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Day 42

We had another jam-packed week with you, Logan - outings everyday, including a playdate with a couple of Lila's friends, two shows in two different parks, shopping, walks and dinner with Nana and Pops. You continue to be a pretty easy-going little dude. You nap a lot during the day, and although you are still waking every hour and a half or so during the night, you are usually only up for about ten minutes before you go right back to sleep. I am still trying to figure out exactly when your bedtime is - right now it seems to vary from night-to-night. I'm keeping it loose and looking for patterns in your sleep. We'll figure it out. I'm also trying to space out your nursing sessions a little more. Nursing every 45 -60 minutes is getting a little exhausting! You must be doing a lot of growing. You are much more alert these days, you enjoy your play mat very much - you are often content to lie there for almost an hour, and your little chicken legs are starting to get some chub rolls!

We love you very much, Logan!