Weekly Round-up | Long Island Family Documentary Photography

We had a pretty low-key week. It was kind of up and down and all over place. Eric's grandmother passed away, so he put in a couple of work over-nighters so that he could be available for the services this weekend. Great-Nana had been declining pretty steadily over the last year, but it was still very, very sad to lose her. I'm glad that Lila was able to meet her and spend some time with her these past two years. Its pretty lucky to have a great-grandmother, even if just for a little while.

I broke my new year's resolution to not take on any big projects or e-courses and enrolled in two online courses: one on Manual Exposure and one on Lightroom. I am learning a ton. It makes my brain feel good. I also started migrating all of my photos from Aperture to Lightroom, which is a big project, but it will be great when it is done. I have had some very scattered thoughts in my head for a couple of years now about starting some kind of a photography business, but as I said, my thoughts are REALLY scattered. The first step into organizing them is these classes (building a really strong technical foundation) and getting my personal photos into a really organized, well-oiled system. I also spent some time this week getting all my stock photos up to date, which meant a butt-load of model releases, which are really time consuming to complete.

So in between all of those things, we did actually leave the house!

Monday we had music class, Tuesday was errand day, and Wednesday we went to Port Washington and walked around the marina. It was the first time I had been there. 

On Thursday we went to Jones Beach to walk up and down the boardwalk.  It was overcast and practically empty there. So perfect.  I can't believe this is the first summer since 2003 or 2004 that I have been to Jones Beach. Its so nice there!

On Saturday we went to Queens and had lunch with my friends Lyn and Chris and their son, Dylan. I took no photos! What is wrong with me? I guess we were just having too good a time catching up. Lila had fun playing with all of Dylan's toys, and the two of them were funny together, laughing at each other. Logan slept the whole time! He inherited some really cute clothes from Dylan, though, so one of these days he owes Dylan a big thank you!

On Sunday we went to Planting Fields for a walk.

In between all those outings, we spent time at home, and as always, went on lots of walks around the neighborhood.

This kid. He's just too cute.

Lila is currently obsessed with washing her hands, especially in the faucet outside. Weirdo!

And finally, last week's Project Life spread:

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Wishing you a happy week!