Lila - Age 2, Week 37 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Oh boy, Lila, you are a challenge right now! Full of emotions and without the words to express what you are feeling. We're dealing with lots of outbursts at the moment, which is leading to lots of time-outs, which we both HATE. Oh man, this part is hard. You do best when we are outside the house, so we are continuing to go out and do something every day. You are happiest right now when you are really enjoying the activity of the moment - music class, running around in wide open spaces, playing in the backyard, eating ice cream or grilled cheese, visiting Riley, and going to see Darlene sing  - those are your favorite things. We go to Panera A LOT because you will actually eat a meal and not fight me about it. You have started getting really upset when Logan cries, which leads to some chaos while I am trying to calm you both down. You've also started some bedtime shenanigans - calling us back to your room over and over again for at least an hour for things like needing a tissue or a dry diaper or the covers re-arranged. I am pretty exhausted by the end of the day. I will be glad (and I'm sure you will be too) when this phase passes. In the meantime, I keep encouraging you to "use your words"  and make sure you get lots of hugs in between all the tantrums. I hope you know I love you to pieces, sweet girl. xo