Logan - Week 7 | Long Island Children's Photography

Here is Logan's seventh week!

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My sweet little nugget! We had another week filled with activity - we went to the playground, to Jones Beach, Port Washington, music class, Panera, Target and to Queens to have lunch with some of my friends... and you slept through most of it! You are such an easygoing little dude. When we are out and about during the day, you mostly doze through our activities. Then when we get home you are wide awake! You are slowly starting to sleep longer stretches at night and your nursing sessions are getting to be a bit longer too. I still haven't figured out much of a routine for you yet, or a bedtime, because you seem content to just go with the flow. So I'm going with it, too! Your sister adores you and you have started smiling and laughing at her, which really makes her giggle. I put away all your newborn size onesies this week - you are too long for them now! You are now in 0-3 month, or 3 month clothing. You also just moved to size 2 diapers!

We just love having you around, Logan - you're the sweetest!