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Here is Logan's third week!

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Another week with you under our belts! I took you to music class with Lila again - we are going to continue doing that for the rest of the summer. Lila loves her classes and her teacher doesn't mind you tagging along, so I figure, why not? I talked to the pediatrician about your big spit-ups on Monday and she recommended block feeding, so I've been doing that and I think things are getting better. At least you are not having huge spit-ups every day now, which is good. Hopefully things continue to improve as my milk supply starts to regulate. On Tuesday we had lunch with Dad at Leo's - you slept the whole time. We've been spending lots of time in the backyard with Lila. You have been a trooper in this heat and humidity. I laid you down on a blanket on the grass the other day and you were very happy. You like lying on your back - it calms you somehow. I took you over to meet your cousin Lucy and Aunt Lorraine on Thursday after we went out to lunch with Lila. We also went out to dinner on Friday night for Aunt Dana's birthday. There have been lots of neighborhood walks and some bunny chasing sessions with Lila. On Saturday morning I had you all to myself as Lila was out with Nana. We ran some errands together and we had some snuggle time. And on Sunday you met my friend Kelly and her daughter Lola. Wow, it was a busy week!  Your sleep stretches at night are starting to get longer and fall into a pattern. You are sleeping for about 2 hour stretches now, which is nice for me. Your daytime sleep/awake times aren't really falling into a routine yet, though. I'm jotting them all down to see if a pattern emerges, but nothing yet! This week you have been awake more in the afternoons and really wanting to be held. We've experienced a bit of the 4p-7p "witching hour(s)", but honestly, as long as someone holds you, you are okay. Its a bit challenging juggling your needs with Lila's, but we are managing. It was another great week with you, little dude!