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Another week full of adventures.  It was really hot during the first part of the week so we had to get creative - we walked around the air-conditioned mall one day and went out to lunch a couple of times. We did battle the humidity a couple of times with walks and came back home drenched (well mostly I did!).

Logan is still sleeping a lot during the day with occasional hours of being awake here and there. At night he is sleeping a stretch of about 3 hours from around 10:30p-1:30a (I've been going to bed with him at 10:30), and then waking every hour and a half or so after that. Luckily he usually nods off pretty quickly after a few minutes of nursing at night.

His spit-ups are getting better since I started block feeding. We only had two big ones this week. He had an ounce of milk from a bottle for the first time on Wednesday while I was at a doctor appointment. Also, Eric survived his first time at home alone with both kids!

Logan's little corner in our room is working out quite well. I have all his clothes in baskets under a changing table we are borrowing, which is in the corner of the room by my dresser. It actually is easier to just change Logan on the bed, so I just keep a burp cloth on the bed as protection under his butt (yes, we have already had one poop on the bed experience!). Logan is sleeping in a Rock n Play part of the night, which folds up nicely during the day to store out of the way. He usually ends up spending part of the night in our bed, because its easy and allows me to get more sleep! I'm trying not to make it a habit, but for now it works.

Logan really enjoys lying on his back - it gives him a new perspective, I think - he is always very interested in looking around at everything. He likes his play mat a lot and has started batting at the toys. Lila tries to join in the fun by lying on the mat with him. 

I can see the little boy face that he will grow into in this next photo.

Logan has started getting a bit fussy in the afternoon/evenings. He just likes being held - which isn't always easy when you are dealing with two littles. I've been wearing him quite a bit. We are still practicing with the ring sling.

We've started a little bit of tummy time.

Buddy loves his bouncy chair.

Eric cleaned out the kiddie pool and Lila has been enjoying "the outside bath". 

It is such a blessing to have a backyard after living in the city for so many years. Both kids love it out there. Lila enjoys her sand and water table, bubbles, and playing with some blocks Eric gave her (scraps of wood), and Logan has been enjoying lying on a blanket on the grass.

He is slowly starting to take a pacifier.

The weather has been nutty this week... I guess from the hurricane moving up the coast. It was super hot and humid earlier in the week, then rainy with some big thunderstorms, then this weekend has been gorgeous.

We are starting to get tomatoes on our plants... of course Lila keeps picking them all.

My Project Life spread from last week:

Stuck inside on a rainy day.

Its been a family week. We spent the fourth of July at Eric's parents' house, barbecuing and watching all the crazy illegal fireworks in the street outside. My parents arrived the next day and we have been spending lots of time with them. On Sunday we had a BBQ at our house to introduce all of Eric's cousins to Logan.

It was an awesome week! We are looking forward to more grandparent time this week and some fun outings. 

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We had these chicken kebabs last night and they were DELICIOUS! We will definitely be having them again...maybe later this week!

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Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!