1 Month Old!

Logan, we are so excited that you are finally here! We have hardly let you rest at all since you arrived - we have been introducing you to all the things this world has to offer since the moment you came home. We have been on outings every day - you've had numerous dinners with your Nana and Pops, you've already been to music class twice, and you've had lots of adventures with Lila and I. You are already a regular at Panera and you've met so many people already - thanks to friends stopping by to visit and an awesome welcome BBQ we had for you. 

You are growing like a champ - you already weigh more than Lila did at 2 months old! You are currently 11.4 lbs and 22.8 inches long. You nurse very differently than Lila did - you are a bit crazy at the boob, but you are uber-efficient. Your nursing sessions don't often last more than 5 minutes. You were spitting up a lot, but we are starting to get that under control by block feeding.

Your sister loves you to pieces and wants to give you kisses constantly. Your dad and I are pretty smitten with you, too. You are a very relaxed baby so far - thank you for that! We are so looking forward to the rest of life with you!