Lila - Age 2, Week 34 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Our summer continues to be packed with everyday adventures, walks and lunches out. Granny and Pea arrived on Saturday and we had a BBQ on Sunday with some of the extended family. It is so fun to watch you really interacting with your cousins now. You love being around other kids (after getting over your initial shyness) - you love observing them, and then once you are comfortable, you are so excited to join in.

We've been dealing with a few shenanigans from you over the last couple of weeks. Not sure if it is related to your brother's arrival, or just regular two-year-old behavior. We've been stepping up the time-outs, which isn't all that fun for us, but we are trying to teach you that there are certain boundaries that you need to adhere to. Boo. Growing up isn't always fun! Hopefully this is a stage that will pass quickly. We don't like playing bad cop!

Mostly though, you are loving and fun and curious and passionate. We love the spirited little girl you are becoming!