2 Months Old!

Logan, you are such a good baby. I call you my little nugget, because you are just such a little nugget o'love! Full of nuggety goodness! You are so sweet and mellow and have the cutest smile and giggle. Yep, that's right, you started laughing this month! Mostly at me and Lila when make stupid faces at you :) Your head control is awesome - Dr. Rubin says its in line with what a 3 month old would have! I don't know how this happened, because I am the worst at remembering to do tummy time with you.  I think we've maybe done it twice. So, thank you for not getting me in trouble with the pediatrician.

You still nap a lot during the day, especially when we are out running around doing things. I think the movement and ambient noise put you to sleep. You wake between 3-5 times during the night to nurse, but I think the time in between is starting to lengthen. At least you are a very efficient nurser, so your awake times at night are only between 5-10 minutes. Over the past week you seem to be going down for bed just after Lila at around 9-9:30pm. We are still working on refining bedtime.

We've had lots of adventures this month, including a trip to Copake and lots of outings with Lila - we've been to Jones Beach, Planting Fields, the sculpture garden at the Nassau Art Museum, as well as many other places.

You rock, little man. We love you to pieces!

Size report: 12 lbs, 13 oz, 24 inches long, size 2 diapers!