Weekly Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

We finished up our trip to Copake last Monday. Such a nice weekend. We hit traffic on the way home, but both kids were great in the car. 

Tuesday was hot and we were recovering from the weekend. We went to the mall and walked around a bit, but didn't do anything too exciting otherwise. We mostly just relaxed at home.

On Wednesday we went and walked the boardwalk at Jones Beach. I was tired and didn't feel like going out, but I'm glad we did. The beach is always so rejuvenating. I bought an Empire pass for our car (gets us into a lot of the state parks for free for a year), so we will be making many more trips to Jones Beach. Its really fast to get to from our house and I love how clean and relatively empty it is during the week. 

On Thursday night, our friends Bob and Jess got married. The wedding was at an awesome music venue called The Bell House in Brooklyn. The ceremony was such a reflection of the two of them, and involved a lot of music - including our friend Ben's band playing during the cocktail hour. We had a blast.

On Saturday I took Logan into Manhattan to visit everyone at "Rock of Ages" and then we went up to the Met to catch the Garry Winogrand exhibit. It was awesome to see everyone at work. I miss them! Logan was a total angel-baby all day. So well-behaved.

And now for some cute pics of my kids :)

Tummy time. Meh.

I swear, we have to get Lila into a dance class. She loves it. Here she is copying Angelina Ballerina.

* * *

Just a few links to share this week.

Intrigued by this documentary about the last year of the Polaroid. Its available on Netflix Instant.

Some awesome ideas here for outdoor play.

These dioramas are the coolest!

Olivia Wilde breastfeeds her son in Glamour Magazine. I don't know about doing that without a diaper on the baby, though. I know in this house, that would be asking for it!

What this mom regrets about breastfeeding. AGREE! Take photos!

This wild playground looks awesome!

So much inspiration in these images!

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Enjoy your week, friends!