Logan - Week 9 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Here is Logan's ninth week!

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Logan, we had a busy week! We headed home from Copake on Monday, we spent Wednesday at Jones Beach and you came into Manhattan with me for the first time on Saturday! I took you to meet all my co-workers at "Rock of Ages" and you were so good! After hanging out with everyone at the Helen Hayes, we took a stroll through Central Park and went up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You were wide-eyed throughout the park, checking out all the cyclists and joggers and trees and kids and millions of other things. Also this week, you had your first long evening alone with Nana while Dad and I went to a wedding. You drank from a bottle and went to bed without issue and even slept four hours in a row! You also had your first round of shots this week, which made you not a very happy camper. Tylenol was administered and it helped to cheer you up.

I can't believe Week 9 is already at a close! Don't get big too fast, buddy!