Logan - Week 10 | Long Island Children's Portraits

Here is Logan's tenth week!

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I am working on getting you on a regular nap schedule...you are a good sport being carted around all over the place, but you are napping on-the-go less and less and by the end of the day you are fried, and CRANKY. I am really trying to pay more attention to when I think you need to lie down for a rest, and am making a concerted effort to get you to nap in our room under your bedtime conditions. Its not always easy as there are lots of other factors in our day at play, but we are getting there. You are growing so fast and growing boys need their rest! 

We did lots of fun things this week, including going to the beach with Nana. You slept for a little while under our umbrella on the sand. I was jealous - you looked so peaceful - I would have liked to nap along with you! 

Lila starts school soon, and I am looking forward to some solo Mama and Logan time. xo