Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

This week seems like one big blur all revolving my big photo migration project. I am used to downloading photos from my camera every night and editing them, but since my computer was all tied up last week, I just did one big dump of files yesterday and its hard for me to keep the week straight that way, but I will try to remember what we did...

Monday was Lila's last music class EVER. So sad. She's been taking classes with Darlene since she was 10 months old, but with school starting this fall, I don't want to commit her to doing anything else. Plus she has kind of grown out of the classes now. This last semester she was one of the oldest kids - most of the class were babies. I'll start taking Logan though after Christmas, I think. He'll be six months by then, which is when a lot of kids start.

Of course we went to Panera afterward for a grilled cheese. People probably think I'm crazy for going to Panera so much, but Lila loves it there. She knows the Panera logo and will yell "CHEESE!" whenever we pass a location. Its a good place to take kids. Lila eats the food, and its an easy outing. 

On Tuesday we went to check out our town's farmer's market, which was a bit disappointing, but we did get there really late, so maybe its better earlier in the day. We'll have to give it another shot one day. They did have a local yarn vendor from the North Fork though! Then we went to Panera again (I know!) and then hit Barnes and Noble. Lila is all of a sudden showing an interest in books again, so I am running with it. We bought her a few new books, including a Curious George treasury which she will not put down. 

That night we hit the beach for Darlene's last show of the summer at Jones Beach! It was a gorgeous night.

Here are a couple of video clips. The first is Darlene singing her tune "Rainy Day", and the second is Lila showing off some of her dance moves :)

We took it easy on Wednesday and on Thursday hit Panera again (shut up), Target for some school shoes for Lila and then went to Eisenhower Park. Lila is getting a bit more daring on the playground, which was nice to see and was actually following another little girl her age around for a while. 

I won't talk about how we went to Panera again on Friday, because that's just embarrassing. 

Let's look at cute pictures of this little guy, instead!

We pulled out the Bumbo seat for Logan this week. He's still a bit wobbly in the neck, but likes sitting in the chair for a few minutes. Its something different anyway!

Here is my Project Life spread from last week. I am toying around with not using the cards or any embellishments next year, just going really simple. I tried out a spread like that last week and right now it actually is a lot easier for me to accomplish. I did the whole thing in Photoshop Elements, including the photo captions and summary of the week and then just printed everything in one shot. I think I am going to continue this way for now as it is much less time consuming, which is key for me keeping up with this project at the moment.

The days are rapidly getting shorter. The sun is going down around 7:30p now. We have to get out earlier for our evening walks.

I've been trying to make a point of getting up a little bit earlier than the kids everyday so I can have some coffee and quiet before they wake. Its a really nice start to the day.

I bought an Empire Pass a couple of weeks ago, which gets us free parking at all the New York state parks, so I have a goal of making it to a state park a week before I go back to work. On Saturday we went to Caumsett State Park in Huntington. It is a really nice park with lots of trails, including one main paved path, which is perfect for strollers or bikes. We had a really nice walk and were able to see the water! I think you can actually hike along the water, but I didn't want to drag the stroller down there because getting it back up the hill would have been a challenge for sure!

The weather was really nice while we were at the park, but on the way home, the clouds started to roll in.

Yesterday, both littles woke up with coughs and stuffy noses, so apart from another trip to the bookstore, we stayed home. So sad seeing little Logan all stuffed up! He was introduced to the snot sucker... not a fan.

And here are a few more random photos from the week:

Lila loves these plastic animals. 

Play mat addicted.

Reading in the car.

This photo cracks me up - they are such a yin and yang.

She always comes to check on him as soon as she wakes in the morning.

Fuzzy bedhead.

I love looking down at that little face while he's nursing.

Hanging outside the bathroom while I shower.

Sweet toddler toes.

Such a happy little guy.

Have a great week, everyone!