Lila - Age 2, Week 41 | Long Island Children's Portraits

You had your last music class this week, Lila. You've been taking classes with Darlene since you were 10 months old, so it was definitely sad to say goodbye, but with school starting in the fall you won't have much time for other classes. Plus you are getting to be such a big girl now. Almost three! You've kind of aged out of the music classes. We will definitely still see Darlene though - in fact we saw her on Tuesday night at Jones Beach, where she played her last show of the summer. It was such a nice night and you danced your heart out! 

You've started showing a real interest in books again, which I am really excited about. We went to Barnes and Noble twice this week and picked out some books for you. You really love the little paperback picture books of your favorite shows, like Daniel Tiger and Angelina Ballerina. And you got a Curious George treasury, which you really like. 

Your temper tantrums have been ramping up. Oh boy, its a challenge to deal with. I hate seeing you get so worked up. And especially because I know its all about us not being able to communicate 100% effectively yet. Lately I've been just sitting and waiting for the tantrum to be over before I talk to you and that seems to be working better than trying to talk to you while you are all upset. I'm really hoping that as your communication and verbal skills grow these episodes get less frequent. They are not fun at all - for either of us!

You and Logan both came down with little colds over the weekend. I hate seeing you both under the weather - luckily you seem to be much better already.

I love you, sweet girl. xo