Weekly Round-up | Long Island Family Documentary Photography

How is it August already?! I'm counting down the weeks now until I go back to work. Summer is going by too fast!

We went out of town to Copake this past weekend, but the beginning of our week was filled with many of our usual activities.

Lila and I enjoyed lunch at Shake Shack on Tuesday. Shake Shack in the 'burbs kind of rules. No lines and you can eat on the patio.

This guy slept the whole time.

That night we went back to Jones Beach with Eric's mom to hear Lila's music teacher Darlene play with her band at the boardwalk bandshell.

Play mat time. Logan loves the play mat. So does Lila.

This week's lesson in my "Mastering Manual Exposure" class was all about aperture. This was taken with aperture f/1.8 in our front yard.

We spent one long afternoon in the backyard until I noticed that yellow jackets had built a nest under our veggie garden box! Gah! I think Eric has gotten rid of them now, though.

The tomatoes in our yard are growing like crazy.

Another play mat photo. I love that onesie.

Last week's Project Life spread:

On Friday we headed up to Copake for the weekend with Eric's parents. We had a nice, relaxing weekend in the woods.

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Some links!

Loving this little dress.

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A list of family-friendly bug repellents. We use Naturapel, which you can get at REI. The wipes are good for applying to kids.

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I need to try some of these Target beauty products.

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These muffins sound yummy.

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Enjoy your week, everyone!