Lila - Age 2, Week 38 | Long Island Children's Photographer

You had such a fun time in Copake this weekend! You went for lots of walks with Pops and Nana and Riley. You followed Riley everywhere and thought it was so funny when she got excited and also when she ate bugs. You conned Nana into letting you sleep in her bed all weekend so poor Pops was relegated to the couch! It became very obvious that you still very much need your nap everyday when on Day 2 of no nap, you totally melted down. The next day we made sure to drive around in the afternoon so that you got a car nap and your mood was eight billion times better that night. You are a champ in the car and long car rides are no big thing for you. I hope that means we can do lots of road trips when you and Logan are a bit older, because I love a good road trip! This week you started saying Logan's name instead of just calling him "Baby"! L's are still hard for you (maybe something we should have considered when naming you Lila!) but you can say "Logan" pretty clearly now. It was another awesome week! xo