Lila - Age 2, Week 43 | Children's Portraiture on Long Island

We had an awesome "last week of summer" before you started school! We went to Jones Beach and Old Westbury Gardens, and had dinner with Nana and Pops. We also went to lunch with Nana on Friday after I had a conference with your new teacher. On Sunday you spent all day at the Bronx Zoo with Nana - you had a great time and were pooped when you got home! We spent some time at home with Logan this week, who hasn't been feeling well. You are a very concerned big sister and whenever Logan cries, you always let us know and suggest that he needs milk! 

I'm so glad I had this summer at home with you, Lila, before you started school. I will always remember it as a very special time with you and Logan - we had so many adventures! I love you so much, sweet girl!