Logan - Week 13 | Children's Portraiture on Long Island

This is Logan's thirteenth week!

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Poor buddy, you are still coughing! This cold and cough need to hit the road, seriously. You are okay during the day, but that cough comes out at night and puts a real damper on your sleep (and mine!). We hung around at home a lot this week to let you recuperate. We did make it out to Jones Beach and Old Westbury Gardens for walks, though. You slept through both outings! On Thursday night I had a meeting to go to at Lila's school and Nana stayed with you. You refused a bottle and cried yourself to sleep. Oh boy. We are working on this bottle thing...I go back to work in three weeks - we need to get you drinking from a bottle! How did my two kids end up so stubborn?? (wait, don't answer that!). You continue to be such a happy little guy, though (that is, whenever someone is NOT trying to make you drink milk from a bottle!). You make all of us laugh with your giggles and grin. We love you to pieces, buddy!