Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

We are heading upstate for the weekend as soon as Lila is out of school today. Apple picking! Yay fall! I'm trying to pack in all I can before I head back to work in TWO WEEKS!

So, here are some interesting things I read on the interwebs this week:

Some iPhone processing tips and tricks.

Some easy school lunch ideas.

Loving this post about Huck's first day of school!

I am so excited for the Skinnytaste cookbook!

These potato skins look delish!

A thought-provoking video about "the Instagram Generation".

How would you describe yourself in five words?

I am saving some of my favorite pieces of Lila and Logan's clothing to make a quilt like this.

10 fall foliage walks on Long Island.

5 regrets of the dying. Yes, #5.

* * *

Since I'm not doing meal planning posts currently, I do want to be sure to share recipes now and then that we have enjoyed. I made this Beef Orzo Skillet last week and it was delicious! Tastes just like spaghetti bolognese. And easy to prepare, too!

* * *

For all the photographers out there, I just wanted to let you know about two great deals.

Creative Live's Photo Week 2014 is next week and if you cannot watch the classes while they are streaming live, you can purchase the whole class bundle for download for only $199! That includes something like 40 classes!

Similarly, Clickin' Moms are currently having their photo conference Click Away in Salt Lake City, and if you cannot stream any of their classes live, they can also be purchased in two bundles for download.

* * *

Have a wonderful weekend!