Our Week in Photos | Long Island Modern Family Photographer

Well, as you know, Lila started school last week. Let's just revisit that for a minute, shall we?

Hahahaha - oh it makes me laugh every time :) Honestly, she is having a pretty good time at school. I wouldn't be laughing if she wasn't. On Friday she only came over to me once, and it wasn't because she needed or wanted me, it was because she thought I had her dog (her lovey) in my purse. I think I will probably be able to start dropping her off by the end of this week.

I'm kind of excited about getting some one-on-one time with this little guy.

He's getting big. Had his three month doctor appointment last week. 14 and a half pounds and 25 inches long. He had one shot and didn't cry AT ALL. I was so impressed.

More couch portraits.

I snuck some more photos of Lila at school on Friday. Her teacher saw me trying to get some of Lila painting and actually took the camera so she could get a shot for me at a better angle.

After Lila got out of school on Friday we all drove up to Copake for the weekend. We went for a long walk around the property on Friday evening.

Rough-housing with Dad.

More #walkswithlilaupstate.

On Saturday we went apple-picking. It was a bit rainy but we managed to pick quite a haul before the rain started coming down hard. 

On Sunday we went for a walk on the Rail Trail before Lila, Logan and I drove home. (Eric and his parents stayed for another day).

And that was our week!