Logan - Week 14 | Children's Portraiture on Long Island

Here is Logan's fourteenth week!

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We are in BOTTLE BOOT CAMP with you, buddy. I go back to work in less than two weeks and you are so not interested in getting milk anywhere but from me. Hate to break it to you, little guy, but we need to figure out an alternative otherwise you are going to be awfully hungry in the upcoming weeks! I just ordered another round of boob-shaped bottles, so hopefully one is to your liking. You are such an easygoing little guy in all areas except this! I guess there has to be one thing, right? You spent some one-on-one time with Nana and Dad this week while I was at school with Lila. And then this past weekend we went up to Copake where we went on some walks, and you had your first apple-picking experience! You were captivated by all the trees. Your dad and I escaped one night for a dinner date and we came home to find you giving Nana and Pops a really hard time about your bottle. Poor Nana and Pops hadn't even had a chance to eat their dinner yet! Hopefully we can all find a compromise soon - we hate seeing you get so upset, buddy and we want you to eat! xo