Lila - Age 2, Week 42 | Long Island Children's Portraits

We had a fun week hanging out with friends and family! You are still very shy when first introduced to new people - when my friends from work came over on Monday to BBQ, you were NOT happy. You cried for quite a while and hid your face in the couch, but then I coerced you out by turning the sprinkler on in the backyard, and you soon forgot about all of us and had a good time running through the water. We went over to my friend Jenn's house on Friday and you had fun playing with her daughter Senja's toys, and also going in their bouncy house! I think you were a little overwhelmed with Senja's energy, but you kept talking about her when we got home, so I believe you did have a good time with her. You especially loved her cat, Trouble. You kept trying to get upstairs to see the cat while we were there. I'm looking forward to getting a cat (or two!) to add to our household once you and Logan are a bit bigger. We had dinner at Nana and Pops' house a couple of times this week. Aunt Maryliz was there one night and again, you were very shy. I hope that being around other people at school helps you overcome this fear of others a little bit. On Sunday you had a fun day with Nana, going to the Children's Museum and visiting Pops at the house in Lynbrook. Now we are in the countdown to school starting - one more week!