Logan - Week 12 | Long Island Children's Portraits

Here is Logan's twelfth week!

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Dear sweet boy, you have had such a bad cold and cough this week. During the day you are your happy self, but at night the crud creeps into your nose and lungs. You've been having some pretty intense coughing fits and at times you have trouble breathing because you can't cough the crud up. It is so scary for us and I feel terrible seeing you have such a hard time. As soon as you finish coughing you usually smile, though, which reassures me that you are going to be just fine. I took you to the emergency room on Saturday night to have a chest x-ray done. Your coughing was scaring me and with it being a holiday weekend, I knew we couldn't get to the pediatrician until Tuesday. You charmed the pants off everyone in the peds ward, of course. You even smiled through your x-ray! I wish I had had a camera with me to take a picture of you in a little hospital gown, velcroed with three straps to a board, with a giant smile on your face! Luckily the scan showed that your lungs are clear, and you were diagnosed with a bad cold. It's still hanging around but last night was much better, so I am hoping it is on its way out. You are such a brave, happy little guy. Never stop smiling, Logan. You are such a light.