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Whew boy, its been a week. The Preschool Plague has hit our house hard. First Lila stayed home from school on Friday with a cold and cough, then Eric woke up on Saturday with a fever and stayed in bed all day (his birthday, no less!) and then poor Logan woke up congested and coughing on Sunday. Last night his fever got up to 102.1. Hopefully everyone will be on the mend soon. 

The week did start out well, however. On Monday I took Lila and Logan into the city for a picnic with some of my former tour-mates from Monty Python's "Spamalot". It was so nice to see everyone! I can't believe its been five years since that tour ended. So much has happened since then!

Tuesday it poured with rain all day. Unfortunately that meant Lila didn't have a great day at school. On a usual day all the kids spend the first 45 minutes of the day on the playground. Because it was raining that meant they were stuck inside for the whole session. About halfway through, Lila decided she was done and wanted to go home. So I had to spend the last part of the session in the classroom with her. Wednesday the sun was out, so playground time was back, and Lila had a great day.

Lila's art corner at home.

School shoes.

On Wednesday after Lila got out of school we went and ordered our new iPhones - woot! woot! We have decided to switch to Verizon since that's the only phone service we can get in the building at work. Our friend Ray works at a Verizon store in Manhasset, so we went and ordered our phones with him. Lila brought her LeapPad and made herself right at home.

We also picked up our new BOB stroller this week! My friend Tiffany was kind enough to give us her old BOB and we used it all summer and I totally fell in love with how easy it  is to maneuver with two kids on all kinds of terrain. A really good sale came up on the new models, so we decided to take the opportunity and buy one. We are now the ridiculous family with four strollers, but we honestly use them all! We have a single City Mini from pre-Logan, and that is great to use when we only have one kid with us (Eric's mom uses it all the time when she takes Lila out). We have a Joovy snap-and-go which I use ALL the time for quick errands like our Panera outings. It saves me from having to carry the car seat everywhere. Then we have our Joovy Ultralight, which is an inline stroller, which is good for indoor outings like the mall, CVS, etc - places with narrow aisles. And then the BOB is king for all outdoor activities. 

On Thursday we went to Eisenhower Park to take the BOB for a spin. Lila used to stay away from any piece of playground equipment that other kids were on - she'd wait to go on them until they were empty. On Thursday she didn't care - went on everything whether there were other kids on them or not. I can see this is progress from being around other kids at school - and it makes me so happy!

I should have known Lila was getting sick on Thursday because she fell asleep in the car on the way home from the park a whole hour earlier than she usually naps. That never happens. Sure enough she woke up a snotty mess on Friday.

Some paint time at home on Friday,

I go back to work next Monday, which means we have Logan in major bottle boot camp. This kid does not like bottles. At all. We've been trying for two months and we still haven't had any luck. I'm a little worried about what is going to happen once work starts. Hopefully he gives in eventually. Here's a partial line-up of the bottles and sippy cups we've tried. I've actually tried a few other brands since I took that photo.

Some photo assignments from this week...




Off-camera flash:

On Saturday I took the kids to Planting Fields with Eric's mom in a poor attempt to escape the Preschool Plague germs that Eric was now dealing with. It was a nice afternoon even though I misjudged time and messed up Lila's nap. Ah well.

Sick girl resting on the couch.

I hardly ever close the living room curtains, but I did on Saturday. The light through them was really pretty.


She loves watching videos of herself on my phone. She laughs and laughs. It cracks me up.

I took this photo of them on Sunday. I think it might be one of my favorites so far.

And that's it for our week. If you need us, we'll be over here swallowing ALL THE VITAMINS and trying to kick this plague to the curb.

Have an awesome week!