Lila - Age 2, Week 45 | Long Island Children's Portraits

Lila, I was really proud of you on a couple of occasions this week. On Monday you came to Central Park with me to meet a bunch of folks that I toured with before you were born. You did really well, especially since I know you don't like big crowds. You even let some of my friends help you out when you were climbing on the rocks! You were also excellent in the car - which is a big deal since we were stuck in traffic for 4 1/2 hours that day! You also had a great day at school on Wednesday - you only looked for me once! Tuesday was hard because it rained and you got antsy being inside. And then you stayed home sick on Friday. I was also really impressed with you at the playground on Thursday - you went on all the equipment even when other kids were on the same pieces as you. You used to wait until a certain piece of equipment was empty before you went on it. This shows me that the socialization you are getting in school is already proving so beneficial. You are already getting more comfortable around others. Keep up the good work, Lila!