Logan - Week 15 | Long Island Children's Portraits

This is Logan's fifteenth week!

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We drove home from Copake on Sunday and then sat in so much traffic on Monday to and from Manhattan. You and your sister were true champs in the car on both days. Monday we met up with some friends of mine from the "Spamalot" tour in Central Park, and everyone loved you! You hung out with my friend Ben's mom for quite a while - I think she wanted to take you home :) This week we spent more time trying to get you to drink from a bottle. Oh boy, this is a frustrating process for all of us. We've had some marginal success with a sippy cup. I hope we can figure out a way to make something work for us really soon. Danielle (our babysitter) came to the house on Friday and she gave bottle-feeding a go...still no dice! You are one stubborn little dude! Besides the bottle-feeding, which makes you cranky, you really are the happiest little guy. You smile at everyone, you little flirt! This week I discovered that you are ticklish under your arms. You laugh hysterically whenever I get you dressed and undressed. You are thisclose to rolling over from your back to your front. You love kicking your legs to make your chair bounce, and also to make splashes in the bath. Your hair is a little patchy and weird at the moment. I'm thinking of giving it a trim. You are drooling a lot and chewing on things like the straps of the baby carrier and your teddy bear. Pre-teething? You love "standing up" - its a surefire way to get you to smile. Your bedtime is pretty reliably between 7:30 and 8.

You came down with another cold on Sunday. Noooo!! I hate it when you are sick. Hopefully this cold hits the road quickly. Poor little guy! 

I go back to work next week and I am so going to miss spending so much time with you. I'm glad we had this summer though! I hope you know that your mom loves you SO much!