A Day in the Life | Long Island Modern Storytelling Photographer

I haven't documented a "day in the life" for a while so I decided to shoot our day yesterday. I used my little Sony RX100iii for all the photos. Here's how our day looked:

7:52am: Waking up.

8:05am: Lila's room gets awesome light in the mornings, and the steam from her humidifier made the light look even more dramatic this morning.

8:15am: Making coffee with my sidekick.

8:20am: Lila's morning vitamins. Right now I have her taking a multi, vitamin C and a probiotic.

8:55am: Boobs, baby, blogs and coffee. Pretty standard morning.

9:10am: Trying to figure out when I can schedule our flu shots.


9:15am: Eating a waffle and watching Curious George.

9:20am: Swing nap.

9:40am: I love the light we get in the bedroom in the morning.

10:50am: Lunches packed. Off to the bank and then Norman J. Levy Preserve for a walk.

11:50am: We've never been to this Preserve before. Its so pretty!

12:10am: A view of the bay.

12:15pm: Checking out the pier.

12:35pm: Taking the trail higher. It is so pretty here. The trails are so well-maintained. They remind me of the trails I used to hike in Los Angeles.

12:40pm: These grasses make me think of the Wizard of Oz

12:45pm: Bench.

12:45pm: Snoozing.

12:45pm: Snoozing.

12:50pm: Wind mill.

12:50pm: Happy dance.

1:00pm: Tired kids. Heading back to the car.

1:15pm: There is a little farm at the entrance with goats and turkeys!

1:30pm: Happier post-nursing session in the parking lot.

2:05pm: Home. Watching videos of herself on my phone.

2:10pm: Practicing his rolling skills.

2:30pm: Smiley boy chillin' in his bouncer.

2:35pm: Time for a diaper change! Exciting stuff here!

2:55pm: A little bit of LeapPad before nap. She's been told she has until the clock says 3-0-0.

3:00pm: Nap time!

4:00pm: My little assistant hanging out with me while I try to figure out why my external drive has stopped backing up (again, really exciting stuff here!).

5:00pm: Danielle, our babysitter, is here to do some more bottle boot camp work with Logan. I go back to work on Monday!

5:50pm: Making dinner - chicken and biscuits!

5:55pm: Awake and watching some more Curious George with Danielle and Logan.

6:00pm: He's drinking! Danielle was able to get him to drink half an ounce from the bottle. Baby steps.

6:45pm: It's already getting dark.

6:50pm: Getting the bedroom ready for Logan to go to bed. I hate that it is dark by 7pm now.

7:05pm: He needs lots of snuggles this time of night.

7:15pm: Time for Logan's PJs!

8:40pm: One kid in bed, the other having her milk.

9:00pm: Brushing teeth before bed.

9:05pm: Aahh! Finally time for meeee! Not for long though... Logan wakes up crying.

9:30pm: Logan nursed and back down. Watching Grey's Anatomy and writing a blog post. Logan wakes again at 10 and 11. After nursing again at 11pm, I crash out too. Goodnight!