Our Week in Photos | Long Island Modern Family Photographer

Last week of "summer vacation"! I go back to work TODAY. It's been an awesome four months spent with my babies, and I will treasure the time I spent getting to know Logan this summer. Luckily I am starting off slow, only doing six shows a week (out of eight), so I will still have plenty of time at home with my loves. And I am looking forward to see my other family - my coworkers - and my city, New York, again.

So this is how last week looked:

Last Monday everyone was under the weather, especially this little guy. He had a fever of 102.1 and was so congested. We went to the doctor, were told it was a cold, nothing more. So came home to hibernate.

Lila had a rough day at school on Tuesday, because Eric stopped by to look at one of the toilets that needed fixing. Well, Dad at school was just too big a distraction for her. She went ballistic when she couldn't get in to the classroom to see him during playground time and screamed and cried. Eric ended up having to hang out for a while until she calmed down. Wednesday was a much better day. I told the director that I wanted to stay out of the room all day to see how she did. Lila did great! I think Eric and I being at school are just too big a distraction for her now. She is ready to be on her own with her teachers and classmates. 

I stayed outside for most of her session and went for a walk with Logan for part of the time. I wanted to check out the path at the community center next to Lila's school. I think it will be perfect for running. I am hoping to start walking Lila to school in the BOB stroller (with Logan) and then go running with Logan while Lila is in school. I'm planning on starting up the Couch to 5K program again. I completed Couch to 5K about five years ago and not only did I love it, but it helped me to get into great shape. I think I'll have enough time while Lila is in school to run and even go home and shower before I have to pick her up. I am looking forward to it! Hopefully this week I will be able to start.

I took a few photos around the ball fields of the community center while I was walking. I am so looking forward to getting back into the city every day so I have some new things to photograph!

We went and checked out a new playground at Ridder's Duck Pond on Tuesday after school and as soon as we got there Logan threw up EVERYWHERE. Oh man, it was the most spectacular puke I have ever seen from that little guy! Thankfully I had extra clothes with me, but the car seat was covered. Needless to say, we didn't stay at the playground long. We'll have to go back this week to revisit it.

We went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood on Wednesday. I am LOVING our new BOB stroller. Just so easy to maneuver. 

Signs of fall along the way....

The train station in black and white.

Thursday was rainy and windy. Lots of cozy living room time.

We did go to Barnes and Noble for a while so Lila could play with the Thomas trains.

On Friday I documented "a day in the life". 

We explored a new park - Norman J. Levy Park. If you live on Long Island, I highly recommend it!

Because I can't resist a couch portrait:

This little boy is just so full of joy.

My little heartbreaker. I gave him his first little haircut this week. He had two strange long side pieces that I cut off and I trimmed the top as well. Much better!

Yesterday there was a fair down the street from us. We walked over there with Eric's cousin Annmarie and her daughter Lucy. Lila had a good time. She loves Lucy so much! I think they liked the petting zoo area the best, especially the big fluffy bunnies.

And that was our week.

Please send hungry, bottle-drinking vibes to my boob-loving baby tonight while I am at work!

And have an awesome week!