Couch Portraits | Long Island Family Photographer

I took this photo with Logan the other day. Our living room couch is one of my favorite places to take photos. It gets really amazing moody light that changes depending on the time of day and on the time of year. It is the central point of our house. It is where you can always find someone hanging out. So many stories have unfolded on that couch. 

I've decided to start gathering these "couch portraits" and putting them together in a series of books for our family. What an awesome keepsake they will be, especially watching our littles grow over the years! I have enough photographs now for the first volume, so I am starting work on it and hopefully will finish it before I go back to work at the end of the month.


I have used a lot of different book publishers in the past... I am trying to decide between Blurb and Artifact Uprising. I love the matte paper quality of Artifact Uprising, but I think I want to make a large coffee table sized book, in which case I will go with Blurb.

I will share the finished book once it is complete. I'm looking forward to creating the additional volumes, too! 

Is there a favorite spot in your home that you find yourself photographing again and again?

Also, if anyone has a more poetic suggestion for a book title than "Couch Portraits", I would love to hear it. I am the worst at coming up with good titles!