3 Months Old!

We had another adventure-filled month! We went so many places - Jones Beach, Manhattan, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rock of Ages, White Post Farms, Eisenhower Park, Caumsett State Park, Planting Fields Arboretum, Old Westbury Gardens, and of course our regular hang-out spots: Panera, Target, Barnes & Noble and Nana and Pops' house. 

You came down with your first cold and cough, and it got so bad we had to take you to the emergency room one night for an x-ray! It has been so sad seeing you cough and gasp for a breath, but in between the coughs, you are your same happy self. You even smiled while strapped down for your x-ray!

This month your neck control has gotten even better. You've started spending some time in the jumperoo and in the Bumbo seat. You like "standing" up. You also love kicking your legs to make your bouncy seat rock. You are fascinated with your hands, and have ALMOST figured out how to suck your thumb. You are working really hard at that skill.

You have the happiest personality - you love to smile and laugh and coo. You love music and especially when I sing to you. Our favorite songs at the moment are "Rainbow Connection" and "Loch Lomond". You love hanging out on your play mat, and you also like lying in my bed watching the ceiling fan spin around. 

You are still waking a lot during the night - usually every 1-2 hours. You had been sleeping more, but then you got sick. Boo. Hopefully your sleep will improve again after you get better. You are still refusing to take a bottle. We really need to work on that in the next couple of weeks as I go back to work at the end of the month! Your naps still are pretty unorganized, too. Well, except the first one. You usually sleep for 30-45 minutes about an hour after waking for the day. And your bedtime is between 7:30-8, although you often wake to nurse again within an hour, and then sleep for a longer stretch. We'll figure all this out sooner or later!

We are loving every day with you, Logan. You are our sunshine!

Size Report: 14 lbs 3 oz, 25 inches long, size 2 diapers!