Our Week in Photos | Long Island Storytelling Photographer

Our final week of summer vacation before Lila starts school!

Logan is still recovering from his nasty cough so we didn't do a whole lot. Poor little guy. He's relatively fine during the day, but at night he cannot stop coughing. Neither of us is getting much sleep.

It was also scorching hot this week - in the 90's with humidity to match. It was a good week to stay indoors.

Playing with her dollhouse.

He's so happy and good-natured, even when he's under the weather.

Sibling love. (Logan's face cracks me up!)

Baking: blueberry mini muffins for Lila and chocolate chip oatmeal lactation cookies for me.

I bought Lila some watercolors at Barnes and Noble. She's been having fun painting. 

We went for a walk one day at Jones Beach. All the vendors are shut down now for the winter. No more ice cream. Sniff.

I've been playing around with my speedlights. Gotta figure out how these things work! 

Project Life spread from last week. Everything formatted and typed up in Photoshop Elements. This week I did some handwriting over some of the photos after I printed them out.

I am having so much fun dressing a boy. So many cute things! Like this onesie:

And these baby shoes!

We ventured out to Old Westbury Gardens on Thursday. It is definitely much easier to get around with our BOB stroller - although Lila decided to walk the whole time, so I was only pushing Logan. We had a good time! Lila had a blast exploring the grounds and playing in the fountain.

There was lots of preparation for school this week. I attended a parent meeting and a parent/teacher conference. I went through all of Lila's clothes and got rid of everything she has outgrown. Ziplock bags with diapers, wipes and an extra outfit are packed and ready to take to school. Papers with medical records are ready. I made a sign for Lila to hold for in her first day photo. Gah - its almost here!

A few more random photos...


This kid.

Ongoing couch portraits...

Hanging out in sister's bed.

Walking back from the grocery store.

It is so easy to make him smile. I hope he always stays that way.

* * *

Wishing you all a great week!