First Day of Preschool | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Am I the worst mom in the world if I tell you these photos are making me laugh really hard? Also, they are SO Lila right now. I don't even know what she was crying about. It wasn't about going to school. About standing on the front porch? Who the heck knows. I was going to try and get a photo of her smiling after school, but I decided I like these better. They'll make way better Throwback Thursday photos, am I right??

This is actually what the first day of preschool looked like.

Today's session was only an hour with half the class. Tomorrow will be the same. Friday the whole class will be combined. Lila survived! She was very shy when we got there, but then could care less really whether I was there or not once she saw all the things to do. The times that she wanted me were transition times - when she was being told to do something by another adult. Then she was like "Who the heck are you telling me what to do? MOM!".

Her school is a co-op - very parent participation-oriented. They also have a really great perspective on the parent/child separation and allow the process to take as long as it needs to. Which means I may be there with Lila all year - haha, not really (I hope). The director came up to me mid-session and said "Lila is going to need a lot of support. You're not going back to work soon, are you?" (Translation: "You're not going anywhere, lady.")

I think Lila had a good time though. She definitely enjoyed all the toys. She wasn't all that interested in sitting and listening to story time or music time though, or the class "meeting", Basically any time she had to follow directions. Oy. And we need to work on her drinking out of a cup skills. No straws at preschool. Oh yeah, and how to say her own name. L's are hard. 

Its going to be a good learning process for both of us. 

We'll see how tomorrow goes!