Our Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

It has been a freezing cold, snowy week around these parts. I got called back to Lila's school to pick her up on Tuesday, just 15 minutes after dropping her off because she was crying. We thought it was about her adjusting back to the school routine after two weeks off, but then one of the aides said that Lila was fine once she came indoors, so we deduced that her hands were freezing and hurting her. Needless to say, we made a trip to REI the next day for warmer gloves and the rest of the week at school went smoothly.

Watching the snow fall.

Staying roasty-toasty at home.

Sleepy little buddy.

A typical day at home. I've started setting a timer for thirty minutes when Lila plays with her LeapPad, otherwise she could stare at that thing all day.

Hanging out in big sister's bed.

Pirate Logan.

Playing dress up.

Engineer hat, butterfly wings and a princess dress.

This sweet boy is getting so big!

Brother and sister.

Logan HATES being on his tummy.

The Santa hat obsession continues.

Wearing her glasses from Lucy.

He's not interested in food, but he has figured out drinking from a straw cup. Woot!

A New York winter's night.

An inviting bar.

And a few photos taken at Rock of Ages this weekend. I can't believe we only have eight shows left.

And that was our week! Happy Monday to you!