Logan - Week 31 | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

Here is Logan's thirty-first week!

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Teeth number 5 and 6 are coming in, so you have been a bit drooly and whiny this week, but you are hanging in there. I still can't get over all your teeth. Amazing. I think you must be growing a lot right now too because you are seriously putting away so much milk when I am at work! What a change from three months ago! I'm really glad that I built up such a stash of frozen milk before going back to work because I cannot keep up with your current intake. You are slowly starting to eat a few purees. Once my job ends this weekend I am going to dive into this food thing with you. And also the sleep thing. We need to get you sleeping longer stretches overnight. You are a champion napper though, so thank you for that. This week your favorite toy is the stacking ring set. You are having so much fun with it! Love you, buddy.