Friday Round-up | New York City Family Photographer

Today is our final rehearsal for Rock of Ages! We have a big finale planned for Sunday, so some rehearsal is necessary today to get the plan in order. Exciting stuff. But before I go, here are a few fun reads from around the internet this week...

21 surprising parenting tips. Some really good ones here!

52 Saturday mornings - another collaborative project that I love.

Stunning photos of the great libraries of the world.

Christmas in Munich. I am such a fan of Emma Wood's photography.

This is on my meal plan for this week.

A before and after clean edit in Lightroom. I love watching other people edit. I always learn something.

Flickr's 25 most popular photos of 2014.

Scented glitter pine cones - this looks like a fun craft to do with Lila! (except that Eric hates glitter).

Some tips for taking a backlit image.

How do you feel about email?

I agree with this post completely - why all the secrets with photography? I personally learn so much by being able to look at someone's EXIF data and analyze how they took a photo. Even knowing what camera they took the photo with is good information!

Now you can view a collection of Robert Frank's work online.

I really want to see this exhibit.

The nerdy stage management student in me is so excited about Peter Lawrence's book! Finally, a stage management textbook for the 21st century!

These are the people I work with. They are hilarious and I will miss them so.

* * *

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I'll be crying my eyes out as I say goodbye to my wonderful Rock of Ages family.