Our Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

It has been a busy last week at work, rehearsing for our big finale encore and packing up our office. At home we have been taking it easy.

This poor little guy is eternally teething. He now has six teeth!

Lila sleeps with so many toys in her bed, its a wonder she even fits.

Reaching in to chew on my boot.


Such kissable cheeks.


Lila and Logan have taken over the living room.

Reading books.

Pretty girl.


On Friday we had a big rehearsal for our finale encore. Fifty alumni cast members were a part of it. It was crazy and surreal and awesome.

Our bartenders making the final batch of jello shots.


I took a few photos of the Friday night show.


On Saturday between shows we had a dinner with most of the stage managers who have worked on Rock of Ages. It was so nice!

And last night was our final performance. We also became the 27th longest running show in Broadway history. It was an amazing night.

We had a little "graduation" ceremony for the cast before the show. They received diplomas that listed how many performances they had done of each role (some actors cover more than one role).

And then we had the show and the big finale encore of "Don't Stop Believin'", featuring 50 of our alumni cast members. It was pretty incredible.

We had a big party afterward... and now today, I'm sure everyone is trying to recover.

It was definitely an eventful week. I am resting today and then going in to the theater for load-out tomorrow. And trying to figure out what comes after that. Its all a bit surreal right now.

Anyway, wishing you all a great week ahead!