Logan - Week 32 | Garden City, NY Children's Photographer

Here is Logan's thirty-second week!

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You still have very little interest in rolling, but you are starting to move around despite your hatred of being on your tummy. I will leave the room and find you in another spot. You are scooting around on your butt and making motions to crawl whenever I do get you to lie on your tummy. You are reaching really far for toys and trying to get up and over your pillows and climb down the couch. I am starting to have to make sure that no small pieces of toys are near you, because you will get to them and put them in your mouth. Your fifth and sixth teeth have popped through and now that I am going to be home with you for a while, we are going to start focusing on food and sleep and making some progress in those areas. Your dad is hard at work renovating the basement, which means we'll have space for a playroom soon which will free up space in Lila's room for the crib. But we have to get you sleeping better before we can move you guys in together. So let's start working together on that, okay buddy? We also need to work on you not biting when you nurse. Its getting to be pretty rough on me, but I don't want to stop nursing. Another challenge to work through. Its a good thing you are cute, my love!