Friday Round-up | Garden City Family Photographer

First week of unemployment and I am more tired than I have ever been - except for maybe during the first trimester of my pregnancies. Everyone at work said they could feel their bodies breaking down as the closing drew near. For me, the intense exhaustion that I have been pushing aside for the past three months since I went back to work after having Logan has finally come crashing down on my head now that I know I don't have to go in and call a show at night. Hopefully it will pass soon. If only my little boy who likes to party all night would get on board with the sleep train...

So I haven't spent a whole lot of time on the internet this week, aside from looking at all the closing night coverage of "Rock of Ages" and sad load-out photos on Facebook, but here are the few things I have for you:

I'm about to do a major overhaul on my closet. Not sure if I'm going to do the capsule wardrobe thing or not, but considering it. This app looks like a cool way to manage your wardrobe.

When does it get easier? I ask myself this everyday. Or at least, when will I get more sleep?

A toddler's view of New York City. This is kind of awesome.

Wanna know the difference between a crop sensor and a full frame? Check it out.

Tips for keeping indoor plants alive. As soon as my kids are big enough to know better than to mess with house plants, I will be adding some greenery to our living space!

55 amazing photos from 2014 on Clickin' Moms.

Some really good thoughts about storytelling in photography.

Check out our final curtain call at Rock of Ages, featuring fifty alumni cast members. It was an amazing night.

* * * 

Have an awesome weekend, okay?

So long, Rock of Ages.