Our Week in Photos | Garden City Family Photographer

Well we are hunkered down with blankets and movies waiting for the blizzard to hit. The snow has been ramping up since this morning and steadily getting heavier and heavier. I'm a little concerned that we might not have quite enough wine in this house, but after dragging the kids through a crowded grocery store and to the gas station this morning while Logan should have been napping, I thought making an additional stop at the wine store might not be a great idea. We'll just have to ration what we have. At least I bought ice cream.

This past week was strange - getting back into the routine of being home after the closing of Rock of Ages. It hasn't been that long since my maternity leave, but Logan is no longer the tiny baby of the summer - kid is on the move, scooting around on his butt all over the place. You really have to keep an eye on him because he starting to get into everything. Needless to say, by the end of the day "Logan the Menace" and Lila have tired me out. On top of this, I need to come up with a plan for getting Logan "Party all Night" Saccoccio to sleep at least mostly through the night. The nursing sessions every hour and a half are getting old. Lots of planning in the works.

But mostly I am loving being at home again with these two. Not having to worry about making meals and filling bottles before a 4:30p departure time has left me with time to solo-task, which is doing my brain some good. It's also allowing me to spend time playing with the kids, or just laying on the couch with them, without worrying that I should be doing something else. Its really nice. 

On Tuesday I went into the city to pack up our office at the Rock of Ages load out. It was super weird seeing the Helen Hayes stage empty. Very surreal.

After load out, Justin, Jo and I went to see Frankie Grande's show at 54 Below for a little pick-me-up. A bunch of our Rock of Ages co-workers were there - it was nice to see everyone.

I'm currently taking a photography class about capturing beauty in your everyday life. I've been paying extra attention to when and where we get the best light in our house. In the mornings, the bedrooms are the best, in the afternoon - the living room is the place to be.

Lila is still obsessed with her Santa hat. I wonder when it will end? When fedora season starts?

On Saturday it snowed, so we bundled up and went out for some snowball throwing and a walk around the block.

This kid is such a happy soul. He's getting a little frustrated as of late that he can't move as fast or far as he wants to . 

Pretty girl in black and white.

Hanging out in Lila's room.

On Mom and Dad's bed. See how pretty that light is through our windows?

Lila likes camping out on our bed, too.

And that was our week!

I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of snow photos from me next Monday. Stay safe, everyone!