Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

I'm currently in the midst of doing a big update to this website, so pardon the dust if anything looks weird! I'm excited about the new look and new information the site will bring! Hopefully I will be able to unveil it in full very soon.

Is everyone surviving the snow? We got about a foot here during the "blizzard" and a few more inches last night. We've been staying warm and cozy inside mostly, but Lila did have a long romp outside yesterday with her Nana.

And now for a few fun links from around the internet this week...

This looks like a slick portfolio app for the iPad. Does anyone have others they recommend?

Woah, these biscuits sound delicious. Would be great with some tomato soup!

7 free tools for tracking blog post performance. One of these days I will actually learn the nitty gritty statistical side of running a blog!

40 ideas for snow day activities.

I taught Lila the word "penis" this week because she was curious about Logan's bits (she calls it a "peemus"). Will explaining the birds and the bees be next?

Okay, this is a cool guy gift.

This sounds like a delicious alternative to a mimosa.

On my list of things to do is join Audible. I so want to read more books, but just don't have the time - maybe audio books are the answer? Here is a great beginners guide to audio books.

A travel guide to North Beach - my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco. I spent many a night hanging out at Tosca with my best friend - it was our favorite bar before it changed hands and became a restaurant. 

"Sometimes the dreams you come in with may not be the dreams that you leave with, but hey, they still rock." (yes, that line is from Rock of Ages, but its true, and this post is about the same idea).

9 novels to curl up with this winter.

These photos and video of the historic snowstorm of 1947 make me really glad we did not get 30 inches on Tuesday.

Good information about potty training.

A 10 step plan to stop yelling at your kids. Side note: this week I started hugging Lila when she goes into one of her meltdowns instead of reacting or trying to talk to her  - wow, it is working wonders! All anger in her has been melting away immediately. Its really remarkable.

I love this "Because You were There Too" project - it is inspiring me to try and take at least one photo a month with my kids.

* * *

And that's all for this week. Have a great weekend!