Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Christmas is over...but we still had a week left of school vacation before we get totally back to the normal routine. On Monday we went to the Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Gardens. Lila had a good time.

Hanging at home with this nugget.

Serious face.

Logan is still shunning solid food, but he is getting the hang of using a straw cup.

On New Year's eve, Lila's former music teacher, Darlene had a special New Year's Eve party (at 11am!). Lila and Logan went and had a great time. Lila was a little wary at first because there were a lot of kids (and parents) there, but as soon as Darlene played her favorite song, "Rainy Day", she opened up and had a lot of fun.

We stayed home for New Year's and made dinner and watched a movie. We started a tradition a few years ago of making lobster on New Year's Eve. Its a good tradition!

Snuggling on the couch on a cold day.

The sitting-up champ!

Forced tummy time.

She may wear this Santa hat year-round.

Working on flashcards.



Sorting colors.

Jam session.

FOUR teeth.

Hunkering down with a blanket and her LeapPad.

And that was our week! 

Happy new year, friends!