Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Okay, winter is really here! It snowed again this morning... getting two kids under the age of three suited up to go out in snowy weather at 8:30am is not easy! I keep dropping off Lila late for school because I under-estimate the time it takes to put on snow pants, jacket, hat, boots, gloves. And speaking of gloves, I cannot find a good waterproof pair that fit Lila's hands and stay on! We went to REI on Wednesday and bought a pair and today they just fell right off when I tried to put them on her. Sigh. I am just doubling and tripling up the wool gloves for now.

Anyway, sit down for a minute with a hot cup of coffee and check out these awesome links:

Winter makes me crave casseroles. Here is a list of ten yummy-looking ones.  

This is inspiring.

Winter survival strategies.

I am obsessed with brussels sprouts at the moment - this pizza looks amazing.

Interesting news about the "Ansel Adams Act"... restoring first amendment rights to photographers.

Are you a Nikon user? There is a big firmware update coming January 19th.

10 Lessons Learned During My First 365 Days in Business - some good tips here!

How to make your own blanket scarf.

Coffee filter snowflake garlands... I think this is a project I will do with Lila!

8 Ways To Grow Your Instagram.

Ugh. The loss of these NYC classics is heartbreaking.

Wisdom from some smart ladies.

24 spectacular places to see in the U.S. - I've been to a few of these, but I'd like to get to all of them!

* * *

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!